Nanna Heidenreich

Engaging Cinema / Re-Viewing Collective Practices
Workshop - Im Rahmen der Ausstellung "Living Archive" in den KW – Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin. Zusammen mit Nicole Wolf (Goldsmiths College), Deepa Dhanraj und Gästen.
20. & 21. Juni 2013

[EN] The feminist film collective Yugantar is the starting point for a 1,5 day open seminar. The collaborative process of each of Yugantar's films, their stress on 'standing with' those that their films were seeking to engage in cinematic and political terms and a strong sense of creating a radical space of possibilities, suggests an energy that we would like to respond to. Together with invited guests, each of which have a close relation to collective film politics, we want to project our current urgencies and desires onto those of the past, to extend, to explore, to discuss, share, critique and value. Thinking with film-political terms that were challenged or created then might help to revalue as well as rethink them or, to invent new ways of engaging cinema altogether.
Guests : Deepa Dhanraj for Yugantar, Claudia von Aleman, Minze Tummescheit and Arne Hector for Cinémacopain, Karolin Meunier, Sandra Schäfer, Kerstin Schroedinger for Cinenova, Madeleine Bernstorff and Manuela Schininá, Nathalie Percilier.